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Zumba Challenge

The Zumba Challenge online game is a lot of fun! In the center of the screen is a frog in a jungle-like setting, with little bees that fly across the screen. A winding path surrounds the frog that leads to a hole. Colored balls move along this path towards the hole. Using my mouse, I had to launch more colored balls from the frog’s mouth towards the moving line of balls. The objective was to create groups of three of the same color of balls to eliminate them. If there were already three or more in a row in the line, I still had to add one more of the same color to eliminate them. The goal is to eliminate all of the balls as soon as possible before they reach the hole. Points were earned depending on how far down the path the balls got before reaching the hole. As each level progressed, more colors and balls appeared, and the path around the frog had different twists and turns to make it more challenging. I also discovered that if you look closely at the top of the frog’s head, you can see what the next color is, helping you to plan ahead and get even faster during the game. I also had to use precision in order to ensure that my colored ball went where I wanted it to. Overall, this game was a lot of fun, and I plan to play it again soon!

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