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Toy Match

Toy Match introduces the game with music playing in the background. The music has an acoustic and space-themed feel, which is both relaxing and enjoyable to listen to. The game itself is based upon bright and colorful blocks that are stacked upon each other. The goal of the game is to match three same colored blocks. With each matching of three same blocks, the player is rewarded 30 points. However, after a match is made, the blocks implode and the other blocks fall into the gaps, which can lead to many more points from more blocks being matched.

The path to success is heading up a trail that is surrounded by many toys of different sized and shaped toys. The background changes with each level up. Also, with each new level reached, the game introduces new ways to get matches. A swap feature is presented in the second round of play, and swapping allows for swapping one block with another. The swap can help get out of tricky situations and also help to gain many more points that otherwise would not be possible. The game does tell the player which colored blocks must be matched, rather than an open playing board.

Overall, the game is fun to play. The matching of the blocks feels very rewarding, particularly when other blocks fall into place and I receive many more points. The experience of matching is rewarding enough that it keeps me wanting to match blocks and succeed to the next level.

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