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Strike Gold

Strike Gold puts the player in the gold mines of the past. The player becomes a gold miner looking for gold on the way to riches. Once in the mine, there are gems of different colors stacked up on the left side of the screen. The miner has an ax that can be thrown at any of the colored gems on the left that are stuck to another gem of the same color. After throwing the ax at any of the gems or gold, any same colored gems attached will disappear, leading to points for the player. After the gems disappear, the other gems and gold fall down into empty slots. The gems disappear and the other gems fall, however, throughout the game, the gems are filled in from the left and the gems continue to push closer to the miner positioned to the right of the gems. Be sure to continue throwing axes as fast as one can. The more gems that are connected with the same color will lead to more points, once they disappear. The goal is to throw the ax as fast as you can to mine the gems and gain as many points as possible.

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