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Garden Tales

Garden Tales caught me right from the start with a super catchy song that plays in the background. The game is bright with the colors of a garden. There are items stacked that must be matched in pairs of three. The items include flowers, grapes, strawberries, pears, leaves, and more. In order to match the items, one item can be moved down, left, or right. After the matching occurs, other items fall at will. In some cases, many matches can be made, leading to the items falling into place many times, until no matches are made. Each match leads to points being tallied on the board and each matching is worth 30 points. As levels go up, there are more additions added to the game, such as the swap feature that allows for swapping one item for another. This feature comes in quite handy when stuck in a rough spot with no good matches.

The background of the game is bright green with many bushes that don white flowers, and also a number of mushrooms that are grouped in the bottom right of the screen. A gnome relaxes in the background sitting against a bush. The overall game is a delight. Vibrant colors, great music in the background, and many fun items to match make the game an interactive and rewarding experience. The game changes slightly with each level reached. The changes help keep the player engaged enough to want to win the next level.

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