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Fish Story

Fish Story is a fun underwater experience. The colors are vibrant and bright with items such as seashells, turtles, squids, and other underwater items. The object of the game is to match three items, by dragging with the mouse, and once the three items are matched all the other items fall into place, kind of like the classic game Tetris. Each time the items are matched, I receive points. There is nice music playing in the background, which has an island feel. With the completion of each round, the items implode and a new board filled with items appears. I matched three items and after the items fell more points were awarded, because the items fell and matches were made. The background of the game is filled with colorful coral and other sea things the sea features. The overall experience is very fun and interactive. I played a number of levels. The only way to advance to a higher level is to complete the level before it. With each completed level, the game character advances up the river, pushing closer and closer to the completion of the game. Start matching three characters and see how many levels you can complete.

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